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designmilk: Patch of Sky, by Fabrica, is a set of three internet-connected lamps that keep you linked with your loved ones no matter where they are. The ambient lamps tell your people in real time about the sky and the weather, helping them feel a little bit closer to you.Posted by SoudaSouda Follow Souda on instagram, pinterest, facebook, or tumblr.
Nice interview to Raw-Edges
Bouroullec- Steelwood for Magis
(via DesignFlick: Muglexia by Henry Franks)
Osaka World Expo 1970 - Isamu Noguch
In Betweenby BCXSYfor Inframince

Bottle Design Brain Melter: The Handle is the Spout, the Opening is on the Bottom, the Inside and the Outside Are the Same
That there is the Klein Bottle, first conceived of in 1882 by German mathematician Felix Klein. Klein’s “non-orientable surface,” as it’s called in the math community, is like a Möbius strip in that you cannot distinguish inside from outside; foll…